Computer All Set Up, Got A New Camera

Looks like we got the computer working again without any errors. HDMI works, VGA works, and the Graphics cards also work. For some reason one of the Ram slots is malfunctioning but things are quite fine right now. I already got XSplit downloaded so I can start recording video games, but I'm thinking of using a different software before I even think about subscribing to XSplit... damn subscriptions... I have all my software ready for music digital production, video editing and photo manipulation which is very exciting.

On another note, my oldest sister asked me to fix her camera, but as it turns out she doesn't really want to keep it. She got the camera as a present but for some reason it was in "Demo Mode"/"retail mode", and she wasn't sure how to get rid of it. It's a Samsung EK-GC120 aka Samsung Galaxy Camera, and so far I'm in love. I was able to disable demo mode and get it working as if it was a normal device without rooting Android (and voiding the warranty, which the warranty was already out anyways). It takes stunning photos and I'm really happy about the result..
Since now I got this new camera, I'll be rerecording most of my older crappier videos, and you can see the camera in action. The camera actually has some dust on the lens (internally) so I'm going to have to get it cleaned but so far its working without any problems.

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