Random Videos With Jon & Music Update

For the past few days Jon and I have been continuously talking and brainstorming about how we want to approach our "music business". Jonathan, for himself, is suggesting a more 'professional' approach to releasing music and content, and of course, I'm staying loose and not necessarily sticking to a time schedule. Jon and I have gotten a bit of spare time to share together and talk while even running some errands... Right now we're thinking about doing videos together and muster up some randomness here and there! So far our latest video was completely random, we saw a car that was already burnt on the bed of a tow truck which was weird since we were in the suburbs... LOL

So far things are on track with few hiccups here and there with our music. The hardest part right now is staying concentrated and ensuring that we have time to work on our many projects. It's no problem though! Our songs are still in production, and the ball just started rolling! I hope you guys enjoy our content and I hope you all come back for more! Follow my Twitter please!

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