New Years Piano Love

Happy belated New Years everybody, I hope everyone got as drunk as they hoped. My new year's was pretty relaxing, and omg the food was delicious! I got to be with my amazing crazy family and luckily no one got hurt this year and not kids got into big trouble. Another good new year's. lol Of course though, since the morning I was smoking...

and i'm still smoking, lol!
Before New Year's Jon ended up showing up at my house around the afternoon to drop off my Piano and we went ahead and spent just about an hour and 30 minutes thinking of ideas and furthering the melody and style we want our songs to go.

It seems for right now we have two tracks that will be in production (time will tell if it ever gets released). These songs will be on a slow production schedule until Jonathan and I are able to spend some time to work on it together. The R'n'B song will be the major song, but we have an upbeat club song which will be our primary song to work on for the time being. We have the simple melody and the general idea for percussions, we're just polishing up the chorus, and intro to make room for some impactful reverses.

Stay tuned everyone to find out more and have a great 2017, it's our year!

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