First Recording and Computer News

Busy... So busy.. geeze...

oh... computer

There are still some kinks with the computer, my sister and I are still working on some issues but she is coming back alive though. Time till tell whether or not she can be saved (which I'm sure she can be).
For some reason, one of the ram slots (DIMM1) isn't working correctly. If we put in a ram chip in it, the computer won't even run the bios or show something on the screen. My sister found out that all the other slots worked (6 DIMMs total) and when we don't use (DIMM1) the computer starts working again (also as it turns out, one of our Ram chips is completely fried apparently and unusable). I've gotta do a bit more research and see what I can do on my own without taking it to a repair company (or just getting the money back all together so my sister can get herself a decent laptop, or something). It's got me a bit stumped, I'm just thinking about our next move.

Production Officially Began!

Yesterday I went over to Jon's house and he set up a small little studio in his spare room so we could start recording our music. Luckily that day he surprised me by inviting over old friends of ours who I haven't seen in over 3 years. Both Bryant and Brant came over with Fernando just to hangout, chill, drink some beers and work on music! This was that crew (and we're missing a few cats but they'll be around soon again) that would always try to be together and hangout.

A few years ago Bryant and Brant came over to my house with Jonathan (along with Andres) to make our first song. That was the first time we recorded music together, around freshman year in highschool using my mom's computer in the living room (with a copy of FL Studio) and a karaoke mic. We never finished the song but for sure it was lit. Now we're trying again and this time we actually ALL recorded together all in one night. From about 7:30pm to 3am we were working on music.

I was the only one who didn't have anything prepared (because I didn't even know I was going to be on the track until they told me to). I was there to be on the production side, mastering the audio and making sure the recordings were sounding good alongside our director (in this case Jonathan) but they surprised me with this one. I got my balls firmly together and threw something out

We finished the song, and now we're going master it up. We can't release the song since we don't own the rights to the music but its a great personal project (a little Mixtape really)..

Soon enough you'll be hearing us all, I may even share a snippet if everyone here is cool with it.

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