Alienware Crossfire Not Working! I'm Having Graphics Card Issues

After 'breaking-in' the computer it seems though that there may be a problem with the graphics card on the system and the Alienware Aurora is behaving weirdly (mostly on the graphical end). I've been connecting my monitor to a DVI port but for some reason every now and again the screen turns black, or the monitor notes that there is no signal when I reboot the computer. This has prompted me to attempt to use the HDMI port, but that also has failed. Today I'm going to head to the store to pick up some tools (so that I may remove the graphics card), and may even pick up an extra DVI cable and a VGA cable. I might have the car today, so I'll be able to run these quick errands and try and get this computer to start working again.

I have a feeling that it could be CrossFire that's having issues. The computer was working at first but eventually pooped out and did so consecutively for the last few days. I have a good feeling we just need to unplug it, retry the graphics cards, or perhaps call tech support or if not then try and take it to a computer repair shop to best our luck. It's really annoying but its something we gotta do since we did get a used computer. 

After I drop off my sister this can all get started.

I'll make another blog post if I was able to fix the issue, I'll keep you guys updated!

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