A Lucky Surprise For My Sister, Prodution On The Way

A lot of good things have been happening lately that will progress my ability to produce music!


I've been getting into hip-hop/rap/r&b more and have turned on notifications for hip hop instrumentals created by YouTube producers, and looking up instrumentals on Google Play (wish there were more, there are a lot better instrumentals on YouTube than on Play). This is me getting more involved into the hiphop scene as a whole to practice on my rapping skills. I'm both writing, and trying to find my own flow. I'm noticing I have been improving, and even getting a little bit better with freestyling too, which is great because I fucking suck. Picking up that confidence with it though. Along with practicing being a rapper "yo", (i'ma stop, lol) I've made a Hip Hop, Rap, and R&B community on Google+ where I'll be sharing some interesting news of the best musicians and up and coming rappers/producers, come join if you're interested!


I was sleeping and my sister awoke me. I just see my sister, Katherine, put down a big 'ol desktop computer in front of me, and she's there with a big smile on her face... She tells me how she got this Alienware desktop for around $200 at a pawnshop (after haggling it down, lol. savage👌👌). Turns out the computer is worth over $450 (give or take).
This is tremendous news! ^.^, this little something will now enable me to start digitally producing music again (I'm going to take it more seriously this time). I've already got my DAW downloaded and It'll be installed after all the video games I'm going to install, MUAJAJAJA. All that's missing is my MIDI to USB cord for my piano, a new set of headphones, and a better camera (probably going to invest in a better cell phone). My sister is awesome and she sure did get herself a lucky one!

She wants me to download a bunch of games too, it's going to be an awesome time now!

Since things will be a bit easier, I'll find sometime away from work to get started! I'm even going to start touching on that slow-grind reggaeton... Mmmmm. 😜 dale mami 😂
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