R&B Project & Schedule Update

Tomorrow I should be getting my piano back (turns out Friday morning) from my friend Jon and I'm thinking of recording two improvisations; one you'll be able to find on my Facebook page, and the other will be uploaded directly to YouTube! I'm pretty excited about this since It's been a while since I've touched the piano. It always feels good to play again, it's like my drug. I have a lot of ideas for songs and now that my friend is also coming up with ideas we may be expanding into bigger projects, of course continuing our current ones which have been delayed for like the past 2-3 years (with me moving, drama, unsure of the future, money, etc). We still have that R&B-type song in the works, and my boy already sent me a basic piano melody to get the ball rolling, tomorrow I'll be working on this project but no free looks. The piano improvisation will be unrelated to our main project ;).


Things are all just right now speculation, and planning like they always are. I never have a consistent schedule because my schedule is chaotic, I even use a planner and a calendar and I still have huge empty spots for my work days since I don't have a standard work schedule. I normally get notified the day right before I work, sometimes a few days earlier. Balancing my time gets difficult and it gets in the way (along with my procrastination skills, let's not forget that) of all my projects and aspirations. Damn you, day job... why!!!
On my days off, however, you'll find me on social media, mostly on Twitter and Google+. Keep in touch and follow me to stay updated on me, and whatever I'm up to :) In the meantime though, it's about to be 2017!!!

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