Moved In, Happy Holidays

Hope everyone is having a good holiday season ^.^, by the way, Merry Christmas to the family!
Although this is very late, I pretty much stopped couch hopping and chilling at hotels for a bit since I was able to save up some cash (plus my pops helped me once again, Thank you) and I found myself a little house to move into. The house is pretty nice; It's near a central road in Orlando, FL, but there isn't a whole lot of stuff around, just a gas station and a general store. For a while, we mostly got around by walking everywhere, or we would get picked up, but it's nice that a few things are close. Luckily for me, my sister and I chose a good place to move in for my job and so far things are running smoothly and we're able to handle ourselves a lot easier. :) The break at the hotels were nice and relaxing but I figured it's time to settle for a stable place.

The house is a little 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom duplex; Here are some inside photos of the place :)

We still need to tidy things up and get more furniture, but we'll have a couple ideas as time goes on as we're finally settled in this new home. I'm thinking of setting up my room like an office. Also, too bad there's no pool, though... sadness. It's a very simple house, and rent isn't that much plus water is included so I can't complain about the rent anyways. We've moved in around 2 weeks ago and things just feel so great. It really sucks trying to move out, but this transfer to a new home was rather quick.

I hope you all enjoyed the look of the house; if you want to keep updated with me follow my:
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Also my sister ended up getting a car... lol

She got herself a Nissan Murano and here I am salty...
ლ(́◕◞Ѿ◟◕‵ლ) - ᶠᶸᶜᵏ♥ᵧₒᵤ

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