June Piano Cor | Luis Rosales

This is an old piano improvisation I did before I left to Hartford, CT for a quick vacation. Literally the last piano improvisation that I have released on YouTube since my friend, currently, has my 88-key piano keyboard.

Earlier This year I had mentioned that I was going to start sharing my piano improvisations and videos here on this blog and I'm going to stick to it. A lot of things have been changing lately and ever since the events of the Orlando Pulse Shooting things haven't really been the same. I won't let that distract me; I took my breaks, and now I feel like I've wasted too much time. I need to stay focused. With that being said, I'll be continuing these piano improvisations once I'm able to return to my piano again which should be by the end of this week or next week. Since my sister and I already finished moving in, I'll have more time to set things up and get my projects rolling again. Lots of things to be seen from piano to even rap music (oh god, me rapping *cringes).

Overall, If you follow all my social media accounts then you'll see that I've been making changes and new additions to try and promote my content in a more professional way (not saying my work is professional, lol). I'm trying to clean up my presence and do a lot of follower building throughout all my accounts. Google+ continues to be my strong area.

Things should be getting rather interesting for my YouTube channel and my social media presence.

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