Drum Up, Quick Sum Up

Well, this didn't go as planned, which is a bit of a bummer. I had to readjust the schedule since Jon was unable to stop by to drop off my piano. He works the graveyard shift and I generally work the morning to evening shift so we never really have time to chill (but when we do tho 😂). It sucks he wasn't able to stop by but it wasn't that bad so far anyways. I wasn't unproductive these past days (woohoo!).

I did quite a bit of cleaning in the house, course my room is still messy as shit... whatever (I'm still trying to figure out the best place to put my piano).  I ended up cleaning up the kitchen, did a little more of unpacking and moving some boxes around so we can make room for new (to us) furniture. Gotta have everything nice a clean, sometimes my OCD gets to me, other times I'm lazy as shit 😉.  Most importantly from the cleaning... I was able to set up my drums!
They were catching dust over at my father's warehouse (I had these drums since my freshman year in Florida). Now that my drums are set up, I'll be messing around with them every now and again, and continue adding new pieces (as you can see I'm missing my crash, ride, and hi-hats... ugh). Thinking of buying a microphone to individually record each percussion hit to use in Ableton once I'm able to get a separate Windows machine since my Chromebook is not capable of running Ableton Live.

I'm still working on my lyrics and getting a little more practice in rapping. I'm improving but I still need to grow confidence in my voice. I can't really amplify my voice just yet, I got them butterflies in my stomach. Soon the jitters will get out of me and I'll be flowing nicely. I recently showed some friends of mine the lyrics I'm working on, even though it was for practice, I think they enjoyed it. lol. I just haven't recorded any rap recently, until I give myself more time experimenting. It's coming around.

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