The Switch To Dogecoin and Bitcoin

Lately, I've been doing constant research on cryptocurrencies and investment opportunities, for myself and for those around me (Earn your first Dogecoins). I, in my group of friends, am the passionate nerdy cryptocurrency preacher, speaking of the possibility of a fiat collapse and the inevitable transition from fiat currencies to cryptocurrencies, and even metals backed currencies (as the traditional champion). Needless to say for those who are uninterested in the conversation... they get bored quite easily. Shame... Even with major gains that I have made, and the slow growth of passive income that I have received, many of my friends just haven't caught on to the movement.

That has not deterred me at all, in fact, I am making these cryptocurrencies (primarily Dogecoin, and Bitcoin) my main source for financial transactions between a few of my friends and family, and I'm still promoting it around the web to help the adoption rates of these currencies. I have not been disappointed by this transition. Currently, I pay my major bills with regular fiat money, but seeing as possibly more and more of the people I know are using the currency, then maybe soon enough I can pay my bills in Bitcoin or an equivalent.

The goal for me and this transition is to make a small community of users around me who make transfers, startup competitions, and reward systems just using these currencies.

How I see Bitcoin & Dogecoin:
Bitcoin has a slower rate of transfer, but it's one of the most successful cryptocurrencies on the web. I see Bitcoin use as a "savings account", it's just a currency that will naturally grow in value as the devaluation of fiat currencies persist, it's a useful asset to shield yourself from economic collapse (very much like buying and holding physical gold, just you need to be careful with hacks and EMP blasts). Bitcoin is a major market, which has seen the most adoption from merchants, and even larger corporations. It has its structures and they are growing, but its very limited by its transfer speeds, I only see Bitcoin as being a payment method for more important bills.

Dogecoin to me has actually got be my most favorite Cryptocurrency thus far, mostly because of it's transfer speeds and its low transfer fee rates. There isn't much to say other than Dogecoin is a very interesting investment which isn't as risky as investing in Bitcoin. Dogecoin is far more readily accessible than Bitcoin, but of course it's due to its block size. Dogecoin's speedy structure is what I primarily use for most transactions.

I've been pushing hard onto this shift in usage that many of my new friends are curious about what the currencies are, how they work, and how they are able to get their hands on some. Since I have been promoting out Dogecoin more often, you should join us and get your first dogecoin today!

I have set up a couple ideas for me an my friends to start doing League of Legends, 1v1 tournaments, locally for our small group of players. People are really liking the idea of a community competition, and even hosted competitions, which here would be a great way to use Dogecoin, or Bitcoin! 

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