Moving Out And Diving For Couches

After some pretty interesting events that have been happening at home, it seems that I have no other choice but to leave where I am currently living. Shame. Me and my cousin never really resolved our issues and so our problems extended out with foreign influence, and at the end of the day, I'm leaving... I'm moving out!

This is a good thing, I was staying in this nice cozy place and I was paying cheap rent, but after a few months went by I had to pay more in rent (utilities included) than what I thought was fair (given our living situation). This is not even including the troubling moments of trying to go to the store, or go to the bank, since I don't have a car and I had to rely on my unreliable cousin. This... really is a good thing. Although sure, this may have been a move that is being made hastily (the final decision wasn't my own), but the options I already have which are available to me is making things look more and more... equitable... let's put it that way.

Every person that has offered me a place to stay is offering less rent for a much bigger room, or significantly low rent and I get a couch (which is cool too). Woot woot.

What's complicated now is ensuring that I have a ride to work after I move out, or if I can carpool with my other coworkers. I've been carpooling most of them time since I've gotten back from Connecticut, so this puts me back on square one with transportation, basically... nothing has changed. Since I'll be living in a different area, we're all going to have to adjust quickly to a new routine, which is no problem.

Likely I'll be on the couch hopping phase, or maybe just finding a temporary room for the time being. This really isn't so bad...

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