Car In Sight, But No Luck

Ahhh, yes... troubling days it is, troubling days it will always be... I guess. I have been looking at this car for like the past 3 weeks already and it's so close in reach I can almost lick it... And lick it I would if it was in my possession. 

The car I'm looking at isn't exactly the trim I was going for, but it will do.. 
It's a 2008 Subaru Impreza 2.5i... isn't she purdy... (manual, of course)

This car normally sells right now for about $4,000+ and I haven't had good deals with my bank, which is really delaying that romantic night with me and my baby... the car.. not disgusting humans (gross meatbags). So I've been conjuring up a few options to deal with this no car dilemma...

I have the option to well... 

  • Buy a different car...
    I have the money right now for any low end vehicle, like say a 99' Honda Civic EX, maybe even an Si. CASH! Dolla Dolla bills ya'll until that shit breaks down and I'm fucked...
  • Bother My Parentals... *rubs knee*
    My parents, mostly my pops (who's in a better position to help me), would be good to go through. Except... they'll be on me about.. "I helped you pay for it"... like puh-leaze.... you also gave birth to a savage...
  • Third Party Loan...I normally don't like doing third party loans, mostly because of paperwork and different contracts, and what not. It's exactly why I went first to where I bank, but since that didn't work in my favor, I may have to look into a private investor, or a third party loan. Damn bankers!!!
I'm really set on going after this car, maybe that's my problem right now. Subaru's don't sell much here in Florida, and you don't see many of them on the street. I just fell in love when I saw this car, when in reality, I was actually looking at a WRX subtrim of a 2010, or 2012 Impreza, if only that 2016 Subaru WRX... if only.

Lately though, other than car searching... I have been busy, like crazy! It's ridiculous how much time I spend at work than I do in my own home. For the past 2 months I've been working with a busy schedule. I've had to work for about 12-13 days straight! Which really isn't a problem, but wow I never thought I'd have to bust my ass this hard. Well at least the pay is good. ;)

Look at me now... look at me  now, ayyy.. I'm paying Bih-ills.... I have no life... work is my life... this is my life now... *dead*


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