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Moving Out And Diving For Couches

After some pretty interesting events that have been happening at home, it seems that I have no other choice but to leave where I am currently living. Shame. Me and my cousin never really resolved our issues and so our problems extended out with foreign influence, and at the end of the day, I'm leaving... I'm moving out!

The Switch To Dogecoin and Bitcoin

Lately, I've been doing constant research on cryptocurrencies and investment opportunities, for myself and for those around me (Earn your first Dogecoins). I, in my group of friends, am the passionate nerdy cryptocurrency preacher, speaking of the possibility of a fiat collapse and the inevitable transition from fiat currencies to cryptocurrencies, and even metals backed currencies (as the traditional champion). Needless to say for those who are uninterested in the conversation... they get bored quite easily. Shame... Even with major gains that I have made, and the slow growth of passive income that I have received, many of my friends just haven't caught on to the movement.

That has not deterred me at all, in fact, I am making these cryptocurrencies (primarily Dogecoin, and Bitcoin) my main source for financial transactions between a few of my friends and family, and I'm still promoting it around the web to help the adoption rates of these currencies. I have not been disap…

Car In Sight, But No Luck

Ahhh, yes... troubling days it is, troubling days it will always be... I guess. I have been looking at this car for like the past 3 weeks already and it's so close in reach I can almost lick it... And lick it I would if it was in my possession. 

The car I'm looking at isn't exactly the trim I was going for, but it will do..  It's a 2008 Subaru Impreza 2.5i... isn't she purdy... (manual, of course)