Looking For A Ride, Can't Trust Family

Lately, things have gone pretty interesting, especially due to some major events that have been occurring in Florida for the past few months, which have affected me and those around me.
Me with my friends Junior (other roommate), and Jose.

Me directly, I can't say much other than I've been strolling along for the ride. It's been overwhelmingly routine with not much to do lately. All I ever do is work, earn some fractions of bitcoins here and there or I have a few beers (which is great and all), but what really sucks is that those who I work with are now becoming busier (mostly it's just my cousin who I've been having problems with living in this condo) and become more distant.

My situation right now is the trouble of getting to work. Me and my cousin had made an agreement that I could use his truck to get to and from work as long as I paid for my gas, it seems like a fair deal. However, with him buying his new car, he has been blowing me off and disappearing. My cousin also works with me and we ride together and work together using his truck... He's been taking the keys to his truck to, frankly, blow his lawsuit money on partying. It's his truck and he can do what he wants, but the trust I once had in him, in our agreement, is really making me not want to associate with him or do any more kind of deals. He's effectively demanding I pay bills then blowing off the opportunity for me to get to work. It's not just that but earlier this month we were left with no electricity for a few days even though everyone has been paying him the utilities. I'm not sure how much trust I actually have in him.

For the past week I've been relying on my father's truck after being left stranded with no way of getting to work and carpooling wasn't much of an option in the first place (since im over 20 minutes out of the way from the nearest employee and adding about an hour drive to work on a good traffic day). The bad thing is, I can't really use my dad's truck either. My dad also needs his for work. Luckily for me, me and my father are working out a deal for me to get everything situated for me to get myself another car.

If you guys didn't know, I had a 1992 Honda Prelude but I gave it back to my father due to mechanical and electrical issues (plus no A/C... god summer days -.- ) that I just couldn't afford at the time (I was 18). I'll be looking around and although I wanted a Subaru WRX of the year (which I was saving up for) I may just find something else or an earlier model since this has been troubling living in this condo with a single irresponsible roommate.

On the flipside, I've actually did my first supervising job where it meant big things. It actually didn't necessarily go that well due to a rocky start, but we finished what we were able to do in just 2 days (which was typical due to the small team size we had). It started off VERY slow, but on the second day we recouped our bearings and worked quickly and diligently even though we were granted three days to do the job. Not bad, if you ask me.

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