Truck Is Fixed

Earlier today, my cousin took his truck to the auto mechanic (finally, even though he was supposed to do that when we first got to Hartford) and luckily the mechanic repaired the issues relatively quickly and offered to fix it for a very generous rate. This mechanic is a family friend of my aunt who works here on Franklin at the South End of Hartford.

The truck is no longer shaking and it seems the power is fully going back to the tires. As a tip for us, he also helped fix the AC problem and offered to realign the tubes or replace broken ones (the cold air only comes from the defroster vents) tomorrow if we have time. As far as I'm concerned, I was told we're leaving from Hartford tomorrow since the truck was fixed so quickly, so who knows what my cousin will decide. We came up from Florida all the way up to Connecticut without A/C and it sucked, lol.

I also want to thank a friend of mine who donated me a 5th of a bitcoin for anything I needed. It might not have been useful for this particular instance with the truck but it sure has helped me out in the long run with what I'm doing. Thanks a bunch!

Now, tomorrow is the waiting game...

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