Hartford Car Trouble

I've been here in Hartford for about 2 weeks already and I've already spent most of my cash that I was going to use for the trip. Whoops! Either way, things have been going fine with few issues, but like all trips something is bound to happen.

I came up with my two roommates (one of them is my cousin) and I ended up paying half of the trip up here from around Orlando. You can imagine how heated I was. I paid half, and supposedly they were paying the other half together which no one came and told me. There was an argument and by the end of it, I'm not paying for the trip back at all. Seems quite fair. To add:

Now the truck we used to come up here is in a not so good shape. Of course, because my cousin is irresponsible as shit when it comes to his vehicles. The truck is shaking with barely any power going to the wheels so the trip back to Florida may end up being longer than expected. No worries, things should go smoothly (hopefully).

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