Got My First Google Chromebook!

I finally got my hands on a new laptop and I love it!

I got this Chromebook just about an hour ago and I gotta say it's genuinely my favorite laptop that I've had in a while (and if you remember me well, I go through laptops like I go through tacos). I'm happy with this purchase as this Chromebook is probably the fastest computer I've got (speaking in terms of boot-up speeds). The laptop itself seems well built and seeing the Chromebook logo on the back of the screen makes me feel cool. [lol]

Hewlett Packard HP Chromebook HP-14

Its an HP-14 Chromebook, and I'm absolutely impressed. I usually stick with HP desktops and laptops so choosing this one was a breeze. The price for it was around $250 at a nearby BestBuy (I also got a cheap mouse, because I prefer that over any touchpad). I'm still adjusting, but in reality, this isnt much of a change than using a Windows device (not metro), or a Mac. I normally just use web apps, and browse anyways so the transition wasn't complicated at all.

I'm really impressed and I recommend other people to get one as well!

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