Back Again In Florida

We made it back to Florida two days ago with no problems. Luckily for me, I didn't have to drive at all, and, best of all, they didn't make me pay for gas, since they wanted to act dumb before hand when I paid most of it coming up to CT. That's right, assholes! We didn't make any major stops, just the occasional piss stop, and gas stop.

When we arrived in Florida I met up with my other cousins and decided to spend the night at their house; I pretty much fell in and out of sleep and woke up starving, lol. I swear I'm a fatass sometimes... I got to see Junior who's still recovering from his injuries but doing great overall. Course, he still keeps asking me if I'm ok.. weirdo... I'm glad to be back and soon enough things will be normal again, it already feels that way.

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