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Got My First Google Chromebook!

I finally got my hands on a new laptop and I love it!

I got this Chromebook just about an hour ago and I gotta say it's genuinely my favorite laptop that I've had in a while (and if you remember me well, I go through laptops like I go through tacos). I'm happy with this purchase as this Chromebook is probably the fastest computer I've got (speaking in terms of boot-up speeds). The laptop itself seems well built and seeing the Chromebook logo on the back of the screen makes me feel cool. [lol]

Its an HP-14 Chromebook, and I'm absolutely impressed. I usually stick with HP desktops and laptops so choosing this one was a breeze. The price for it was around $250 at a nearby BestBuy (I also got a cheap mouse, because I prefer that over any touchpad). I'm still adjusting, but in reality, this isnt much of a change than using a Windows device (not metro), or a Mac. I normally just use web apps, and browse anyways so the transition wasn't complicated at all.

Back Again In Florida

We made it back to Florida two days ago with no problems. Luckily for me, I didn't have to drive at all, and, best of all, they didn't make me pay for gas, since they wanted to act dumb before hand when I paid most of it coming up to CT. That's right, assholes! We didn't make any major stops, just the occasional piss stop, and gas stop.When we arrived in Florida I met up with my other cousins and decided to spend the night at their house; I pretty much fell in and out of sleep and woke up starving, lol. I swear I'm a fatass sometimes... I got to see Junior who's still recovering from his injuries but doing great overall. Course, he still keeps asking me if I'm ok.. weirdo... I'm glad to be back and soon enough things will be normal again, it already feels that way.

Truck Is Fixed

Earlier today, my cousin took his truck to the auto mechanic (finally, even though he was supposed to do that when we first got to Hartford) and luckily the mechanic repaired the issues relatively quickly and offered to fix it for a very generous rate. This mechanic is a family friend of my aunt who works here on Franklin at the South End of Hartford.The truck is no longer shaking and it seems the power is fully going back to the tires. As a tip for us, he also helped fix the AC problem and offered to realign the tubes or replace broken ones (the cold air only comes from the defroster vents) tomorrow if we have time. As far as I'm concerned, I was told we're leaving from Hartford tomorrow since the truck was fixed so quickly, so who knows what my cousin will decide. We came up from Florida all the way up to Connecticut without A/C and it sucked, lol.I also want to thank a friend of mine who donated me a 5th of a bitcoin for anything I needed. It might not have been useful for …

Hartford Car Trouble

I've been here in Hartford for about 2 weeks already and I've already spent most of my cash that I was going to use for the trip. Whoops! Either way, things have been going fine with few issues, but like all trips something is bound to happen.I came up with my two roommates (one of them is my cousin) and I ended up paying half of the trip up here from around Orlando. You can imagine how heated I was. I paid half, and supposedly they were paying the other half together which no one came and told me. There was an argument and by the end of it, I'm not paying for the trip back at all. Seems quite fair. To add:Now the truck we used to come up here is in a not so good shape. Of course, because my cousin is irresponsible as shit when it comes to his vehicles. The truck is shaking with barely any power going to the wheels so the trip back to Florida may end up being longer than expected. No worries, things should go smoothly (hopefully).