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Donate To Orlando Pulse Shooting Survivor

Donate To Junior, A Pulse Survivor
This is, my family friend and roommate, Junior. Junior was at Pulse during the events that took place yesterday at around 2 am, at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, FL; Junior suffered two gunshot wounds and was saved by another individual at the club who dragged him out. Currently, he is in stable condition.Junior (real name Jose) is a great guy, he isn't home often, because he works constantly in order to send money back to his family. I saw him yesterday after being worried the whole day trying to figure out where he was. I was at a loss of words... he still smiled and cracked a few jokes just to lighten up the mood.My family has set up this 'go fund me' page in order to help Junior get enough money to cover some of his bills and for him to continue sending money back to his family while he's out of work. We're giving him as much support as we can as we're the closest thing to family he has here in Orlando and the group of friend…

Heading On The Road Again, Brainstorming

In just about two weeks I'll be heading up north from Florida to Connecticut just for a small vacation. The true reasons are actually about some legal issues between some people in my family, which has nothing to do about me, but things will get pretty interesting. For me.. it's a vacation (opportunists for the win!!).The week, or more, of time that I'll be there, I'll be relaxing and thinking a little more of where I want to expand on my YouTube channel. Do I want to be an emotional controversial YouTuber, or do I want to apply theories and logical conclusions (with empirical data and anecdotal); Perhaps, both? I'm not entirely sure, as, of course, if I expand I'll be under a lot of scrutiny (maybe some day). With this I've noticed for a long time already that the quality of my videos have not been consistent. In general, my YouTube channel is a personal blog mixing in together what I think, my own music, and sometimes my more popular exercise and body vid…