Moving Back To Orlando, Florida

Since my last job search in Hartford it seems me and my sister have decided to return to Orlando, FL.
Right now things are just too expensive here, but what's also worrying is that Connecticut's economy is not doing so well. There have been concerns of businesses leaving the state (to move to another state), and some already did. It's just getting really bad and poverty is likely going to increase.
I live in the South End and crime is bad here, but nothing compared to the North End. Not really a safe area, but not too bad. The job search has been a hassle for both of us as well, yet we're pulling through.

Overall it's been fun but difficult.

I've been doing odd jobs, and networking a bit here, but nothing really to show for it. It wasn't a bad move to come here but it wasn't good either. Lol

My mother will be driving to pick us up soon and we should be back in Florida (general Orlando metropolitan) by the end of the month!

On to my next adventure!

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