Motherly Detour South Carolina

Right now I'm in South Carolina with my sister, we're in the process of moving from Hartford, CT back down to the Greater Orlando Metro in Florida.
First tea in South Carolina... sharing what matters most LOL

Essentially, the process of the move has been relatively quick. We started planning to leave Connecticut and in less than 2 weeks of planning we're already here in South Carolina. We contacted our parents for any help, and, surprisingly enough, my parents sprung into action. My mother helped us on the trip and will help us all the way until we reach Florida, lucky for us. My pops will also help us in Florida since he still lives around the same area.

On the trip down we didn't make any special stops to destination sites, but we are currently going to be spending perhaps a week or two (maybe more) with my mother, who lives in SC, and then heading south for Florida.

Prior to reaching Florida, I am connecting with my old friends, and we are thinking of making funny skits on YouTube, but you know my procrastination skills... We'll see what would come from this...

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