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Drum Up, Quick Sum Up

Well, this didn't go as planned, which is a bit of a bummer. I had to readjust the schedule since Jon was unable to stop by to drop off my piano. He works the graveyard shift and I generally work the morning to evening shift so we never really have time to chill (but when we do tho 😂). It sucks he wasn't able to stop by but it wasn't that bad so far anyways. I wasn't unproductive these past days (woohoo!).

I did quite a bit of cleaning in the house, course my room is still messy as shit... whatever (I'm still trying to figure out the best place to put my piano).  I ended up cleaning up the kitchen, did a little more of unpacking and moving some boxes around so we can make room for new (to us) furniture. Gotta have everything nice a clean, sometimes my OCD gets to me, other times I'm lazy as shit 😉.  Most importantly from the cleaning... I was able to set up my drums! Got my drums set up and she's looking Purdy. Gotta get my new cymbals :D…

R&B Project & Schedule Update

Tomorrow I should be getting my piano back (turns out Friday morning) from my friend Jon and I'm thinking of recording two improvisations; one you'll be able to find on my Facebook page, and the other will be uploaded directly to YouTube! I'm pretty excited about this since It's been a while since I've touched the piano. It always feels good to play again, it's like my drug. I have a lot of ideas for songs and now that my friend is also coming up with ideas we may be expanding into bigger projects, of course continuing our current ones which have been delayed for like the past 2-3 years (with me moving, drama, unsure of the future, money, etc). We still have that R&B-type song in the works, and my boy already sent me a basic piano melody to get the ball rolling, tomorrow I'll be working on this project but no free looks. The piano improvisation will be unrelated to our main project ;).

Schedule Things are all just right now speculation, and planning lik…

June Piano Cor | Luis Rosales

This is an old piano improvisation I did before I left to Hartford, CT for a quick vacation. Literally the last piano improvisation that I have released on YouTube since my friend, currently, has my 88-key piano keyboard.

Earlier This year I had mentioned that I was going to start sharing my piano improvisations and videos here on this blog and I'm going to stick to it. A lot of things have been changing lately and ever since the events of the Orlando Pulse Shooting things haven't really been the same. I won't let that distract me; I took my breaks, and now I feel like I've wasted too much time. I need to stay focused. With that being said, I'll be continuing these piano improvisations once I'm able to return to my piano again which should be by the end of this week or next week. Since my sister and I already finished moving in, I'll have more time to set things up and get my projects rolling again. Lots of things to be seen from piano to even rap music (oh…

Moved In, Happy Holidays

Hope everyone is having a good holiday season ^.^, by the way, Merry Christmas to the family! Although this is very late, I pretty much stopped couch hopping and chilling at hotels for a bit since I was able to save up some cash (plus my pops helped me once again, Thank you) and I found myself a little house to move into. The house is pretty nice; It's near a central road in Orlando, FL, but there isn't a whole lot of stuff around, just a gas station and a general store. For a while, we mostly got around by walking everywhere, or we would get picked up, but it's nice that a few things are close. Luckily for me, my sister and I chose a good place to move in for my job and so far things are running smoothly and we're able to handle ourselves a lot easier. :) The break at the hotels were nice and relaxing but I figured it's time to settle for a stable place.

The house is a little 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom duplex; Here are some inside photos of the place :)

We still need …

Moving Out And Diving For Couches

After some pretty interesting events that have been happening at home, it seems that I have no other choice but to leave where I am currently living. Shame. Me and my cousin never really resolved our issues and so our problems extended out with foreign influence, and at the end of the day, I'm leaving... I'm moving out!

The Switch To Dogecoin and Bitcoin

Lately, I've been doing constant research on cryptocurrencies and investment opportunities, for myself and for those around me (Earn your first Dogecoins). I, in my group of friends, am the passionate nerdy cryptocurrency preacher, speaking of the possibility of a fiat collapse and the inevitable transition from fiat currencies to cryptocurrencies, and even metals backed currencies (as the traditional champion). Needless to say for those who are uninterested in the conversation... they get bored quite easily. Shame... Even with major gains that I have made, and the slow growth of passive income that I have received, many of my friends just haven't caught on to the movement.

That has not deterred me at all, in fact, I am making these cryptocurrencies (primarily Dogecoin, and Bitcoin) my main source for financial transactions between a few of my friends and family, and I'm still promoting it around the web to help the adoption rates of these currencies. I have not been disap…

Car In Sight, But No Luck

Ahhh, yes... troubling days it is, troubling days it will always be... I guess. I have been looking at this car for like the past 3 weeks already and it's so close in reach I can almost lick it... And lick it I would if it was in my possession. 

The car I'm looking at isn't exactly the trim I was going for, but it will do..  It's a 2008 Subaru Impreza 2.5i... isn't she purdy... (manual, of course)

Looking For A Ride, Can't Trust Family

Lately, things have gone pretty interesting, especially due to some major events that have been occurring in Florida for the past few months, which have affected me and those around me.

Got My First Google Chromebook!

I finally got my hands on a new laptop and I love it!

I got this Chromebook just about an hour ago and I gotta say it's genuinely my favorite laptop that I've had in a while (and if you remember me well, I go through laptops like I go through tacos). I'm happy with this purchase as this Chromebook is probably the fastest computer I've got (speaking in terms of boot-up speeds). The laptop itself seems well built and seeing the Chromebook logo on the back of the screen makes me feel cool. [lol]

Its an HP-14 Chromebook, and I'm absolutely impressed. I usually stick with HP desktops and laptops so choosing this one was a breeze. The price for it was around $250 at a nearby BestBuy (I also got a cheap mouse, because I prefer that over any touchpad). I'm still adjusting, but in reality, this isnt much of a change than using a Windows device (not metro), or a Mac. I normally just use web apps, and browse anyways so the transition wasn't complicated at all.

Back Again In Florida

We made it back to Florida two days ago with no problems. Luckily for me, I didn't have to drive at all, and, best of all, they didn't make me pay for gas, since they wanted to act dumb before hand when I paid most of it coming up to CT. That's right, assholes! We didn't make any major stops, just the occasional piss stop, and gas stop.When we arrived in Florida I met up with my other cousins and decided to spend the night at their house; I pretty much fell in and out of sleep and woke up starving, lol. I swear I'm a fatass sometimes... I got to see Junior who's still recovering from his injuries but doing great overall. Course, he still keeps asking me if I'm ok.. weirdo... I'm glad to be back and soon enough things will be normal again, it already feels that way.

Truck Is Fixed

Earlier today, my cousin took his truck to the auto mechanic (finally, even though he was supposed to do that when we first got to Hartford) and luckily the mechanic repaired the issues relatively quickly and offered to fix it for a very generous rate. This mechanic is a family friend of my aunt who works here on Franklin at the South End of Hartford.The truck is no longer shaking and it seems the power is fully going back to the tires. As a tip for us, he also helped fix the AC problem and offered to realign the tubes or replace broken ones (the cold air only comes from the defroster vents) tomorrow if we have time. As far as I'm concerned, I was told we're leaving from Hartford tomorrow since the truck was fixed so quickly, so who knows what my cousin will decide. We came up from Florida all the way up to Connecticut without A/C and it sucked, lol.I also want to thank a friend of mine who donated me a 5th of a bitcoin for anything I needed. It might not have been useful for …

Hartford Car Trouble

I've been here in Hartford for about 2 weeks already and I've already spent most of my cash that I was going to use for the trip. Whoops! Either way, things have been going fine with few issues, but like all trips something is bound to happen.I came up with my two roommates (one of them is my cousin) and I ended up paying half of the trip up here from around Orlando. You can imagine how heated I was. I paid half, and supposedly they were paying the other half together which no one came and told me. There was an argument and by the end of it, I'm not paying for the trip back at all. Seems quite fair. To add:Now the truck we used to come up here is in a not so good shape. Of course, because my cousin is irresponsible as shit when it comes to his vehicles. The truck is shaking with barely any power going to the wheels so the trip back to Florida may end up being longer than expected. No worries, things should go smoothly (hopefully).

Donate To Orlando Pulse Shooting Survivor

Donate To Junior, A Pulse Survivor
This is, my family friend and roommate, Junior. Junior was at Pulse during the events that took place yesterday at around 2 am, at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, FL; Junior suffered two gunshot wounds and was saved by another individual at the club who dragged him out. Currently, he is in stable condition.Junior (real name Jose) is a great guy, he isn't home often, because he works constantly in order to send money back to his family. I saw him yesterday after being worried the whole day trying to figure out where he was. I was at a loss of words... he still smiled and cracked a few jokes just to lighten up the mood.My family has set up this 'go fund me' page in order to help Junior get enough money to cover some of his bills and for him to continue sending money back to his family while he's out of work. We're giving him as much support as we can as we're the closest thing to family he has here in Orlando and the group of friend…

Heading On The Road Again, Brainstorming

In just about two weeks I'll be heading up north from Florida to Connecticut just for a small vacation. The true reasons are actually about some legal issues between some people in my family, which has nothing to do about me, but things will get pretty interesting. For me.. it's a vacation (opportunists for the win!!).The week, or more, of time that I'll be there, I'll be relaxing and thinking a little more of where I want to expand on my YouTube channel. Do I want to be an emotional controversial YouTuber, or do I want to apply theories and logical conclusions (with empirical data and anecdotal); Perhaps, both? I'm not entirely sure, as, of course, if I expand I'll be under a lot of scrutiny (maybe some day). With this I've noticed for a long time already that the quality of my videos have not been consistent. In general, my YouTube channel is a personal blog mixing in together what I think, my own music, and sometimes my more popular exercise and body vid…

Apartment Browsing

Looking for apartments suck, lol. My sister and I are looking for a cheap place to stay for the time being, as I save more money to jumpstart my little projects, and of course, to possibly return back to school soon. My pops has been down to help offer me more work and I'll be starting in a week or two! Things seem to be looking up all around since things have been going really well with my other blogs (about Pectus Excavatum, and my Libertarian Blog). My YouTube channel subscriber base is also still growing at a slow steady pace (wooo!), but I'm proud of it.

Even though the search for the apartment is still going I'm quite confident in how things are playing out :).

In Florida, But I'm Not Feeling Too Hot...

Just got back to Florida a few days ago and I'm honestly feeling quite anxious. Not sure what it is... it could be anything. At least I'm keeping my mind busy... My sister and I got ourselves a hotel to stay in for a couple days.
I've been working alot on my Bitcoin investments while advising my friends and family about it. They're not very tech heavy but they love messing around with apps, lol. I'm sure they'll get really involved :).
Best thing that has happened so far was that I've gotten a chance to quell some personal issues with some people, so that's always a welcoming thing.

Motherly Detour South Carolina

Right now I'm in South Carolina with my sister, we're in the process of moving from Hartford, CT back down to the Greater Orlando Metro in Florida.

Essentially, the process of the move has been relatively quick. We started planning to leave Connecticut and in less than 2 weeks of planning we're already here in South Carolina. We contacted our parents for any help, and, surprisingly enough, my parents sprung into action. My mother helped us on the trip and will help us all the way until we reach Florida, lucky for us. My pops will also help us in Florida since he still lives around the same area.
On the trip down we didn't make any special stops to destination sites, but we are currently going to be spending perhaps a week or two (maybe more) with my mother, who lives in SC, and then heading south for Florida.
Prior to reaching Florida, I am connecting with my old friends, and we are thinking of making funny skits on YouTube, but you know my procrastination skills... We…

Moving Back To Orlando, Florida

Since my last job search in Hartford it seems me and my sister have decided to return to Orlando, FL. Right now things are just too expensive here, but what's also worrying is that Connecticut's economy is not doing so well. There have been concerns of businesses leaving the state (to move to another state), and some already did. It's just getting really bad and poverty is likely going to increase. I live in the South End and crime is bad here, but nothing compared to the North End. Not really a safe area, but not too bad. The job search has been a hassle for both of us as well, yet we're pulling through.
Overall it's been fun but difficult.
I've been doing odd jobs, and networking a bit here, but nothing really to show for it. It wasn't a bad move to come here but it wasn't good either. Lol
My mother will be driving to pick us up soon and we should be back in Florida (general Orlando metropolitan) by the end of the month!
On to my next adventure!

SLOW Hours

My hours have been cut... I'm really debating if that is a good thing or a bad thing, I haven't really decided. Working at the tax office has helped push me into a more financially secure area in my life, but, as good things come to an end, the horrid tax season is ending. I'm finding myself with more time, but it looks like the time to rush content out is now. It isn't always bad to rush, but the only reason I'm rushing is because I have to find another job if I want to keep things on greener pastures.Overall, living costs are quite low for me so I really just need a part time job to continue all the things I have planned.My search for this part time will continue for the next few months but I'll be releasing quite a bit soon :).

January Piano Improvisation for 2016

Watch my latest piano Improvisation! I've been working throughout this entire month, so I hope you all enjoy this video. I've been using my free time to exercise more, and work on my music after work. Work overall has been relatively relaxed and I really look forward to this work week. I've been filling up myself with positive vibes and good energy, so I've been letting it inspire me even further. Sometimes I feel like a workaholic, or maybe I'm just really lazy lol.