My First Piano Adventure!

My very first piano improvisation on YouTube was made after a very troublesome year for me. I used to play piano all the time as a young teen (my mother even took me to piano classes for a while), but as time went on and things regarding my family made the turn for the worst, I basically left my piano adventure for a time of drugs and alcohol. Not to say that any of it was bad, but emotionally during the time a lot of things were occurring. Of course, I had my fun, hanging with my friends and enjoying the 'in the moment' moments, but it made my mind very cynical but in a more hostile fashion.

The piano itself (Yamaha 66-key keyboard) was a gift that was catching dust in my fathers house. Prior to living with my father I was living with my mother in a nearby city, causing trouble wherever I was. The piano was given to me by my older sister, who actually got it from our parents before they split up when we were really young. It had sentimental value during that time, especially since piano has been with me since early life, so I decided to cope with my teen anxieties and try out YouTube for the very first time. I started releasing one of my very first creations in both piano and digital production.

I released this video when I was 16 years old, basically showcasing my cringe-worthy basic skills on the piano, and a style that I kept with me for future videos to come. As you can obviously tell, I was very nervous while recording this. Even today I worry about the quality of my camera phone, lol. Either way, from this video onward, I worked on piano a little more often, and yes, I stayed to recreational marijuana to pass my days.

Since then, I live with my the best sister in the whole world, while we both work hard to achieve our aspirations together. Things sure have changed for me and I'm glad I've got my newest piano that was a gift from my sister!

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