CCTV Home Security Systems Are What You Need!

Now I don't enjoy much direct advertising, but I've always found that having a security camera, whether it's a dashboard cam in your car or one protecting your home is very useful and always welcomed. Having a secured, and of course encrypted, CCTV can really put you and others in a seemingly better overall situation. Naturally, crime is deterred with a CCTV, not direct protection compared to owning a gun but a needed asset as well, when it comes to legal uncertainties.

CCTV's and handheld cameras or camera phones have truly altered how we share and use media. Today, cameras have become intertwined with our lives whether we're famous or just a concerned homeowner.


I've had a CCTV for my apartment for a while that my cousin graciously loaned to me. It worked wonderfully and was motion sensored. Nice feature. On my street, which is honestly a 'hot' street, a CCTV is very useful. Around this side of town in Hartford, CT, there seems to be a lot of violence, of course in the greater Hartford area and in the North End things are worse. Overall, we felt comfortable here with the CCTV, course I'd feel comfortable either way (nothing like home).

Already, I've caught some interesting instances with my CCTV, a fight or two, but nothing that I'd want to release to the public. It's rather interesting to see the progression from being a hotbed of violence to slightly altering its occurrences. Eventually as time went on, things began to get quieter and quieter around this 'busy' street, and we've been hearing less violent outbursts while witnessing a little more community shine out from less crime. I think a single camera whether a CCTV or a handheld can really make a difference.

Cop Block and Criminals

I'm sure you've heard of Cop Blocking. The Cop Block group makes it their goal to hold police accountable for certain violent and aggressive acts that were not warranted. CCTV's and camera phones, they work hard to strive for accountability. Cameras have been successful at deterring crime, and violent acts regardless of what badge or 'colors' they wear.

Now this is just my personal opinion, but I for sure will invest in a CCTV for my home, and may even get a dashboard camera for my car just incase. You'll never know what you'll catch on these cameras, its sometimes the most unexpected occurrence we'll ever see!

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