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Interesting Libertarian Times

I've been offered an opportunity to write in a section in a newsletter for the Libertarian Party of Connecticut. I'm really excited, this would be my first major attempt in doing something related to the Libertarian Party other than voicing my libertarian opinions on social media.

Anarchist Betrayal? Now for my anarchist friends, no worries, I am not turning my back on libertarian theory and free market ideals, if anything I want to educate the public more about libertarian values. Let's face it when we converse online with the mainstream individuals we get major backlash with ad hominems, although it is fun, it isn't an effective way to educate the general ignorant assumptions on libertarianism.
The segment that I'll be publishing my work on may feature my personal points, interesting news, and philosophical anecdotes. They're letting me write freely and openly, and of course they will make their own edits as well.
It's a tremendous opportunity and I'm…