Modern Feminism For Men | Free The Nipple

Modern Feminists have been at the forefront of women's and minority rights recently. Whether it's civil rights or LGBT rights, the feminists have been working hard together. I don't speak for all men but what some may see as a small venture for feminists, I for one see it as a grand move to equality.

Free The Nipple, as it were, the protests on street corners to allow women to share and expose their bodies to the rest of the world. Not necessarily full on nudity, but I am open for nudity as well. This movement to me will change the game overall, not just for women's rights, but civil rights as a whole. It will begin to question moralist laws, and prohibitionist laws without any victim.

Lately victimless and nonviolent crimes have been on the news; The drug war is blatantly a failure, and politicians are desperately looking for alternatives. Freeing the nipple is a perfect example of protest and dissent that will only dissipate if freedom were a priority, and respect for one another's choices. Some may see this as a miniscule protest, I see it as the start of an even bigger revolution, the very questioning of these unjustified laws.

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