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Modern Feminism For Men | Free The Nipple

Modern Feminists have been at the forefront of women's and minority rights recently. Whether it's civil rights or LGBT rights, the feminists have been working hard together. I don't speak for all men but what some may see as a small venture for feminists, I for one see it as a grand move to equality.

Free The Nipple, as it were, the protests on street corners to allow women to share and expose their bodies to the rest of the world. Not necessarily full on nudity, but I am open for nudity as well. This movement to me will change the game overall, not just for women's rights, but civil rights as a whole. It will begin to question moralist laws, and prohibitionist laws without any victim.

Lately victimless and nonviolent crimes have been on the news; The drug war is blatantly a failure, and politicians are desperately looking for alternatives. Freeing the nipple is a perfect example of protest and dissent that will only dissipate if freedom were a priority, and respect fo…

Some Shitty Yet Not End Of World Shit Shit.

So this term of college didn't turned out as planned, turned out of no mistake of no one else's but my own... I owe quite a bit of money to my school so now I gotta look for work while temporarily being out of school, for a while. Tough cookies for me.

The good news is, my birthday is today, and although we already celebrated it yesterday, today was a relatively chill and relaxing day. I want to thank anyone and everyone who came! Of course I saw some rare faces, but it was great to chill with everyone for the time that I was awake, lol.
Overall, I'm not bothered, I was quite anxious over summer and this whole school thing was the icing on top, but overall I'm not upset. I'm just really focused right now, and looking for any place to improve, I've been diligently pushing my YouTube channel out in the hopes that I can steamroll for the lulz. My pectus excavatum blog is doing quite well, and I hope I can create a strong community on health as well. 
I have so man…