Got My Temp Job Back

Man I've been really busy lately, I've been working again about 9-10 hours a day, 'bout 50 hours a week and it feels pretty good.
Makin' that moolah!

When I first moved back to Hartford, CT I was working for a warehouse company packaging protein shakes and other assortments (living the life, I know). Its a pretty good job, simple tasks that can be done quick and easily. Nothing to it, just as long as you don't mind its repetitiveness. 

Since I've been swamped by this job I haven't been around to contribute as often as I would like on YouTube, and my newest fitness blog as well. I've been trying to make the time but I find myself passing out and sleeping an hour after I come home from work. Sometimes I'm just too exhausted, damn you tediousness!

Oh well it happens. I'll do my best to stay updated everywhere! See you soon!

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