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Got My Temp Job Back

Man I've been really busy lately, I've been working again about 9-10 hours a day, 'bout 50 hours a week and it feels pretty good.
Makin' that moolah!

Started On My Manga Project!

With my 2D ideas slowly coming in, I've been designing a couple characters for my stories :). I've got this manga project alongside my animations that I want to do. Animations are the most difficult so I'm still brainstorming and practicing. Right now I've been heavily invested in my drawing skills, and I have started on my concept designs, which is awesome!

If you haven't circled me on Google+, I share my drawings on my stream as well!

As time progresses I should be able to use Gimp to greatly enhance the colours and start working on high quality wallpapers! As for my animations, I am thinking fairly drawn, not so detailed short animations would be nice to work on. I'll be able to spend a good time on the story and practice animating quickly.

A Blog For People Living With Pectus Excavatum

It has been at least a week in a half since I've made my new blog to help educate people with Pectus Excavatum. So far so good, I've had about 25 views already, which is alright, I hope to see it expand as I move up in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Page).

For people with Pectus Excavatum be sure to leave comments and suggestions for me on my blog!