The Why Meme T-Shirt

I'm moving up in the world, lol. So I've decided to open up an account on SpreadShirt so I can design some cool t-shirts. I have this one as a temporary placement for my store (its just a simple impact meme, nothing to it). I call it:

Why Meme T Shirt Design On Spreadshirt (Custom T Shirts)
The Why Meme, Buy now!

This design basically sums up life, lol. Anyways, I've been looking further into image manipulation and designing Chibi's and Manga T-shirts as sales and exposure being to increase. Not only here for this blog but also my YouTube Channel (Luis Rosales).

I've been using a lot of GIMP for image manipulation, but I recently have gotten my hands on Toon Boom so I can begin some animations, and Manga Designs. I know this why meme t shirt is probably the most simple sad piece you've ever seen, but yeah. I like it... Don't judge me >:D. As time goes on I will be designing a lot more shirts, which you'll be able to find at my general store (Anarcho-Ese) on Spread Shirt.

Anyways thanks for reading, share the love and I'll be making more shirts down the road!

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