Born To Be A Pianist

I've been playing piano, I want to say, since about 8 or 9 years old. My sister one day was playing with her keyboard and I got really curious so I decided to join her, she taught me some basic scales and taught me a little bit about music theory. I soaked it up completely like a sponge and then one day I told my sister, hey look at this! Needless to say she was surprised at how well I played her piano, even 'til this day she is very proud of my piano skills, and I'm very grateful of her teaching me.

Ever since then I've been delving deep into music, not necessarily music theory. I'm not really much of a piano reader, but I've done many improvisations (and forgot others) throughout my life. I was playing on and off for several years, at least until high school started, where I found myself playing more often. At least until the piano we had broke and was kind of acting up. I quit playing for quite a long time, and during those times I felt quite depressed and pretty down about everything.

School wasn't going so well, my relationship with the family was all muddy. It seemed like nothing was going my way. Eventually, I gave up piano and instead started doing digital music production, since I actually had access to a computer at the time. I kept on producing music, of course, I'm not amazing at it, but I've done quite a bit. 

Recently though, as far back as last Christmas my awesome sister decided to buy me a piano for the holidays. I was really excited, and out of all my gifts, the piano was by far my favorite, I even started playing for everyone during Christmas, they were all impressed :). I've been receiving quite a bit of praise from my family who are supporting me here and there along the way, and for them I will continue to create original piano compositions.

As time will go on, I don't think I will ever stop making music, or playing piano specifically, it's just been apart of me just like any artistic ventures I took part in. Piano is just one with me.

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