Six Months of My Hometown

After living for majority of my life near the "happiest place on earth", Disney World, I was feeling quite empty in the Orlando, FL metropolitan. Since I've lost my close relationships, broke years of friendships, and made some bad decisions in where I grew up, I decided to move back to my hometown here in Hartford, CT. Hopefully, looking for a more positive outlook of the future. Little did I know things haven't changed much over here since my early life.

There's not much to be said about my hometown, its a crime ridden city; drugs, violence, citizens delved in poverty, etc., and yet I still call it my true home. I've been struggling a bit over here, not being able to find a stable job, although I was able to start school, but it's been quite difficult. I generally have been relying on my mother who invited me to stay with her for a couple of months, which until recently she's deciding to move back to the south, South Carolina to be exact. Now I'm here in this new apartment, a temporary home (likely two months), where me and my sister share the residence on a very lucky break thanks to our aunt.

As of yet, this new place is quite large for the two of us, it's a three bedroom apartment, very roomy, and I feel like I have the best room in the house. We are almost settled in, but we still have a couple things to unpack and some furniture needs to be moved in the right locations. As time goes on we'll likely learn and remember which light switch turns what on. 

Thanks Sister!

I am pretty much dependent on my sister for the time being until I find a stable job, so far there are no complaints just encouragement and support from her. Which is great, she has been quite supportive of my YouTube videos on music and politics, and has shown even greater support in me writing more (and vice versa). As I continue to push out resumes she has been encouraging me throughout my struggles, and soon enough I'll be able to return the favor where it is rightfully due.

As summer is coming along the way I will be able to concentrate further in looking for a job since I won't start school again until the fall, or possibly spring. With that as well I'll have more time for personal blogs about my time in my hometown, create more music, and make some good friends along the way. Maybe I'll even get a minor tan if its even possible, who knows. Until then I'll be more active overall online in the hopes that I can work at home, and probably teach kids how to play piano. Who knows.

It's all just an idea for now!

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