May The 4th Be With You... Meesa Says Kill Jar Jar

Ahh yes, May 4th the celebratory day of Star Wars nerdgasms, cosplayers jizzing all over their light-sabers, and then some. With the upcoming film by J. J. Abrams (I really want to say Jar Jar Abrams)... Star Wars: The Force Awakens will likely spur up some nostalgia within our middle aged mothers and grandmothers as they cosplay princess Leia as we all graciously face palm, and walk away in embarrassment.
For all the fun I'm having now, I am no Star Wars hater. No of course not, I too am a fan of tie fighters.

light sabers...

and of course the most bad ass character from Star Wars... Jar Jar Binks... Luke ain't got shit on him!

Muajajajajajjaa...... jk... FUCK JAR JAR!

Anyways I don't know about you all, but I am totally ready for the new star wars film. I have a lot of hope for Jar Jar Abrams. Would love to see R2D2, and a return of Vader for the LULZ.....

So what is something you'd like to see in the next star wars movie...
Plz plz... have Jar Jar return and be destroyed in beautiful 4k 3D crisp quality... this is all I ask.

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