I've Started 2D Animation!

To accompany my shirt ventures, I've been researching and practicing 2D animations so I can incorporate them into my YouTube channel.

I've been noticing a bit that my video retention on my YouTube channel isn't so hot. I've made some interesting videos, controversial, and others just random and I always seem to get less than 50% retention more often than not. Of course my videos aren't top quality, I sometimes mumble and I don't feel as confident speaking into a camera, also with my low subscriber base. This all includes the camera quality of my videos, which kind of blows, to put it frankly but I have the power to make it better.
Lately I've been adjusting my videos adding images, some clips, and improving my editing skills (while I'm slowly improving my charisma). These videos have actually gradually improved my watch time, but oddly enough my continuously highest trending video on Pectus Excavatum, has less than half percentage viewed than my newer videos. It's very peculiar to see this, but generally I've been noticing a pattern.

Generally speaking, people like flashy colors, humor and an uplifting atmosphere, so that is what I'm going to attempt to bring through animation!

Plans So Far

I've got quite a creative mind if I do say so myself, however I've never really put it to the test and challenge it. Since I've been playing my piano for quite some time already, I've decided to take my next project into a totally different realm. More intense music, more intense me, and some pretty awesome cartoon or anime scenes.

I've been a fan of Manga, and Anime for quite a long time. I love its drawing styles, and the creativity that animators put into to make their fairy tail pieces of work amazing. Some realistic, others just flat out crazy. I've loved that, so I figured I can bring some of this with my own little stories and scenarios.

Right Now I just want to do short skirts with different styled drawings. I'll continue practicing Manga style and Chibis of course while I animate some funny skits. These skits will of course include audio and will include original music by me! 

As I improve, I will up my challenge and take on Politics and Pop Culture in a very funny way. Of course this will probably bring out the biggest controversy within my channel. I will likely offend a lot of people for these skits.

My biggest project, and which will unlikely ever be completed (without massive support) is this Anime I've been thinking about in my head for like a decade already. I've had this very interesting idea for an anime that includes demons, angels, and fantasy creatures in one universe. Too bad I can't give out all the details! Support me to find out!

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