Comcast Xfinity Wifi Internet Down, And Slow Bandwith!

For the past 2 days (and including months before) I've been having some internet troubles, for some reason I had an 'Invalid IP Configuration' warning, which kept my internet limited and not able to connect to the public wifi pass I was using from Xfinity.

I tried to disable and reenable my WiFi device.
Rebooted my computer.
I even went to the command module and did an 'ipconfig/release' and 'ipconfig/renew'

Nothing really seemed to work but then I contacted Xfinity (Comcast, since I was using their hotspot pass). They walked me through a couple things and tried troubleshooting with me, but nothing seemed to work. So eventually they just offered a refund for my limited connectivity (which included the two days where I didn't have internet), and I said sure. Which today the internet does seem to work fine, maybe they restarted their routers :P, lol. I'll be reconnected again soon, I'm using a free hour pass that they offer, so I know its connected without any problems. 

As we move into later in the week I'll be posting up some more videos on a range of topics, and of course start doing some silly skits, and things just for fun. I'm still working on my piano, I've actually ended my game design project but I'm starting a new anime design project. Remember to connect to me on my YouTube Channel, Luis Rosales.

Here is an update, and my entire situation.

Originally I moved to Hartford, CT from Florida, and never used Comcast before in my life (the good old days). I started using the wifi hotspot pass on my laptop in order to do my internet surfing needs as I go about my commute, but for some reason it kept on dropping even if I was just staying in my house. Granted apparently my connection was always full bars, and sometimes my sister would be able to connect with her phone but my computer wouldn't. It was an odd situation. I didn't complain, during that time I was a bit busy with a temporary job so it didn't really matter, but it bugged me that I had faulty internet for quite a while for about two months.

Eventually, I started looking around for other deals, the internet did start working again by this time, slightly better than usual. It wouldn't cut off as quickly, it sucked when I tried to play League of Legends though. Everything seemed relatively stable up until April. Again faulty wifi internet, but on multiple devices.

This time I was actually in a moving phase. I was moving from one part of Hartford to somewhere closer to downtown. The moving phase wasn't too much of a hassle, but of course the internet was being ridiculous. Constantly cutting off, and since I dont have a phone the internet is my general means of communication. Which leads me to my struggle that I wrote originally above.

Today, however we have the home internet service, since we don't have much choices here in Hartford. So far it isn't complete shit.

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