Coming Out Of The Closet To My Parents

You know you never realize how petty and simple accomplishments can really change a persons life. Especially when its one we've emotionally been stuck on that we've kept from our parents. Where we are too afraid or worried about their opinions so we don't commit.

Coming out of the closet my parents was very similar.
In high school just typical days, nothing too fun. I'd go hang out with some friends doing what we normally did, sitting around smoking and joking, or I would be home playing piano. The people I hung out with was an odd bunch, filled with potheads, funny bros, and your hyped up on sugar crew. Pretty much none of my friends knew I was bisexual, a few had an idea, but I didn't really care for mentioning it. Of course for my closest friends who'd bother me sometimes about it I'd be an open book.

Time went on after my friendships and experiments, it is now just about a week from my birthday day (September 6) last year. I went out with my father to run some errands for work. My father is roman catholic and although he doesn't follow his religion closely, there's some stuff that he is greatly opposed. I had made a video about coming out to my dad as well, around that time.

We were picking up some carpet, and padding for some new rooms in a hotel in Orlando. So we start talking, at this point its going quite alright with no problems but then my dad mentions something with politics. I don't necessarily recall on what he said, but anything with politics, me and my father are pretty much opposed. 

It got really sensitive between us as we were having our arguments. Him sharing his history growing up, and comparing our lives, while I rant on about how things could be much greater. Semantics of silliness really. Eventually without even thinking about it, I just flat out and said it "well I'm bisexual" to my father. Needless to say the arguing stopped almost immediately like a perfect end to a symphony of soon to be death.

Sadly no, he wanted a torture session... the drama. lol, but seriously he did say some hurtful things. At first he stated that he had already knew I was "gay", and that he had a feeling a long while ago. He started the loud criticizing of my actions, and bringing in god and religion into the mix. I of course was hurt by it, even though I expected it anyways. I did start to cry, and just stay quiet from some of the insults, but eventually things cooled down and went positive. It went into a more relaxed phase, of course some tears and sniffles away with an always wonderful awkward quiet drive back to work, I just kept my head up high.

Eventually my father started lightening up the mood by speaking positively about what I just told him. Of course he was still struggling to find the words, but he attempted to not be angry. He eventually told me that it doesn't matter what I do because I am 18. And I'm like... Close enough. So that kind of made me happy and the general situation not so bad.

Months after this event, I moved out... My relationship with my father is really positive. We don't really talk much, I've just always been this way with everyone and same with my mother. He still supports my wishes, and of course has his nagging to do whenever I screw something up but he's still his usual self. 

When I came out of the closet for my mother it was a very different and very short story. Of course very similar to my fathers.

My sister was arguing with my mother about who knows what, of course things escalated and I involved myself into the argument (good idea! lol) needless to say I got a yelling of a life time by my mother. I eventually told my mother I was bisexual, because it oddly came up and she just brushed it off and kept yelling at me. My mother is religious as well, but she's more passionate, however that very night I went out and walked around the block. She didn't mention anything of it, I kind of sensed that she had long already known and it didn't really matter to her. This was a greater relief after dealing with all the first anxiety.

Both my parents have coped and so have I, and overall things are fine. At first it seemed things would be very traumatic in my mind but things are actually very chill today. I found out quickly that it truly doesn't fucking matter and if they can adjust then they are just the greatest. If not then oh well, wait it out. '

Now this was my story, Come tell me yours!

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