Anarchist and Police

I've always had my oppositions with police, not necessarily on a personal level, but overall. In my view the police force in any nation is completely unjustified. The laws that they enforce, even more so unjustified. I have no problem with someone protecting another person, of course not. I have a problem with someone saving someone else from themselves, if that makes any sense.

A lot of crimes and infractions/fees are all based around nonviolent actions. This can range from jaywalking, speeding, smoking weed, or walking down the street with an open bottle of alcohol/beer. Sure people can say that these legislated crimes are a deterrent, but when it seems reasonable enough to do so, these individuals still do it, including the officers that are supposed to uphold the law.

To make it simple and not seem as if I'm "extreme"(even though I am). I don't mind compromising for at least sensible legislation. Law if anything should be simple, and as we've already seen the repercussions of big government, and the positive affects of legalization people can soon wonder. Why the fuck was any of this illegal in the first place? Why have any specific laws, about specific infractions instead of keeping it nice and simple with theft and homicide, nothing more nothing less.

As time goes on people will realize the true reasons for why we have so many laws, I can confidently assume that they only serve a purpose to increase the income for municipalities as a priority, where actual freedom and "safety" are no where near its reasoning.

Of course I would opt for no laws, and no officers enforcing these unjust practices. In this world however where nationalism and patriotism trumps the rights of individuals, where now collectivism is growing this grand idea of free market capitalism seems to be fuzzy. 

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