A Renewed Blog

After a fair attempt over at Weebly, things seemed to be getting quite repetitive with having to recreate my page and comments over and over again, there was no template I could save and reuse (I was using the free version of course). I've been blogging for quite a while and things have not really caught on, but soon enough. I have confidence in this blog and will be looking further into Google Domains in a couple years.

Now, welcome to my Personal blog.... for like the 3rd time.

If you don't know who I am, my name is Luis Rosales :). A pretty political fellow, who happens to make music for fun, both with piano and digital music production. I am in love with art, and libertarian theory. Not saying I'm a rebel, but I am an anarchist. lol (aren't we all? On the inside).

You'll probably be reading my political rants, or news, and getting to know the real me as time goes on! Of course I'll be sharing with you my music goodies as I make them as well. :)

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