A New Modelling Gig? Whaaa-?

I pretty much have some epic exciting news. A good friend of mine, Anisa Bahiyyih, recently came from China and was thinking about becoming a model, and I pretty much said to 'go for it'. We've been talking about starting up a blog for her modeling, but everything is in the planning phase for right now. I'll be around to help her manage her blog, and work everything out.
Anisa Bahiyyih's face under the sun

We met in school and have hung out quite a few times, she seems quite enthused about it all and willing to try new things. Until we get her blog up and running, follow her on Instagram so you can check out some amazing pictures of her and her life, practically around the world.

Be sure to support me as well, by following this blog to stay updated! Until then here are some notable images of her :)
Anisa Bahiyyih ready to go out in the town on a lovely dayAnisa Bahiyyih being silly with a cat plushie on her shouldersAnisa Bahiyyih strutting against a wall, showing her heels in nice sexy leggings
Anisa Bahiyyih showing off her sexy legs in her short shortsAnisa Bahiyyih showing off her belly, with her abs popping out

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