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My First Piano Adventure!

My very first piano improvisation on YouTube was made after a very troublesome year for me. I used to play piano all the time as a young teen (my mother even took me to piano classes for a while), but as time went on and things regarding my family made the turn for the worst, I basically left my piano adventure for a time of drugs and alcohol. Not to say that any of it was bad, but emotionally during the time a lot of things were occurring. Of course, I had my fun, hanging with my friends and enjoying the 'in the moment' moments, but it made my mind very cynical but in a more hostile fashion.
The piano itself (Yamaha 66-key keyboard) was a gift that was catching dust in my fathers house. Prior to living with my father I was living with my mother in a nearby city, causing trouble wherever I was. The piano was given to me by my older sister, who actually got it from our parents before they split up when we were really young. It had sentimental value during that time, especially…

Monthly Piano Improvisation: November 2015

Every month on YouTube (Luis Rosales) I do a Piano improvisation, these are improvisations that I've been working on throughout the month which includes new styles or improvements on old ones. They come relatively quick at about 2 minutes (some are longer going up to 5+ minutes with Medley's) so you all can quickly enjoy the whole song in just a moment!

I will continue to make those improvisations, but also I will share them to you all following me here on my blog! I hope you guys can recommend new songs for me to play!

This featured video is the one I made for this month, :). Please leave a like to support me on YouTube or share with your friends :).

CCTV Home Security Systems Are What You Need!

Now I don't enjoy much direct advertising, but I've always found that having a security camera, whether it's a dashboard cam in your car or one protecting your home is very useful and always welcomed. Having a secured, and of course encrypted, CCTV can really put you and others in a seemingly better overall situation. Naturally, crime is deterred with a CCTV, not direct protection compared to owning a gun but a needed asset as well, when it comes to legal uncertainties.

CCTV's and handheld cameras or camera phones have truly altered how we share and use media. Today, cameras have become intertwined with our lives whether we're famous or just a concerned homeowner.

I've had a CCTV for my apartment for a while that my cousin graciously loaned to me. It worked wonderfully and was motion sensored. Nice feature. On my street, which is honestly a 'hot' street, a CCTV is very useful. Around this side of town in Hartford, CT, there seems to be a lot of …

Interesting Libertarian Times

I've been offered an opportunity to write in a section in a newsletter for the Libertarian Party of Connecticut. I'm really excited, this would be my first major attempt in doing something related to the Libertarian Party other than voicing my libertarian opinions on social media.

Anarchist Betrayal? Now for my anarchist friends, no worries, I am not turning my back on libertarian theory and free market ideals, if anything I want to educate the public more about libertarian values. Let's face it when we converse online with the mainstream individuals we get major backlash with ad hominems, although it is fun, it isn't an effective way to educate the general ignorant assumptions on libertarianism.
The segment that I'll be publishing my work on may feature my personal points, interesting news, and philosophical anecdotes. They're letting me write freely and openly, and of course they will make their own edits as well.
It's a tremendous opportunity and I'm…

Modern Feminism For Men | Free The Nipple

Modern Feminists have been at the forefront of women's and minority rights recently. Whether it's civil rights or LGBT rights, the feminists have been working hard together. I don't speak for all men but what some may see as a small venture for feminists, I for one see it as a grand move to equality.

Free The Nipple, as it were, the protests on street corners to allow women to share and expose their bodies to the rest of the world. Not necessarily full on nudity, but I am open for nudity as well. This movement to me will change the game overall, not just for women's rights, but civil rights as a whole. It will begin to question moralist laws, and prohibitionist laws without any victim.

Lately victimless and nonviolent crimes have been on the news; The drug war is blatantly a failure, and politicians are desperately looking for alternatives. Freeing the nipple is a perfect example of protest and dissent that will only dissipate if freedom were a priority, and respect fo…

Some Shitty Yet Not End Of World Shit Shit.

So this term of college didn't turned out as planned, turned out of no mistake of no one else's but my own... I owe quite a bit of money to my school so now I gotta look for work while temporarily being out of school, for a while. Tough cookies for me.

The good news is, my birthday is today, and although we already celebrated it yesterday, today was a relatively chill and relaxing day. I want to thank anyone and everyone who came! Of course I saw some rare faces, but it was great to chill with everyone for the time that I was awake, lol.
Overall, I'm not bothered, I was quite anxious over summer and this whole school thing was the icing on top, but overall I'm not upset. I'm just really focused right now, and looking for any place to improve, I've been diligently pushing my YouTube channel out in the hopes that I can steamroll for the lulz. My pectus excavatum blog is doing quite well, and I hope I can create a strong community on health as well. 
I have so man…

Got My Temp Job Back

Man I've been really busy lately, I've been working again about 9-10 hours a day, 'bout 50 hours a week and it feels pretty good.
Makin' that moolah!

Started On My Manga Project!

With my 2D ideas slowly coming in, I've been designing a couple characters for my stories :). I've got this manga project alongside my animations that I want to do. Animations are the most difficult so I'm still brainstorming and practicing. Right now I've been heavily invested in my drawing skills, and I have started on my concept designs, which is awesome!

If you haven't circled me on Google+, I share my drawings on my stream as well!

As time progresses I should be able to use Gimp to greatly enhance the colours and start working on high quality wallpapers! As for my animations, I am thinking fairly drawn, not so detailed short animations would be nice to work on. I'll be able to spend a good time on the story and practice animating quickly.

A Blog For People Living With Pectus Excavatum

It has been at least a week in a half since I've made my new blog to help educate people with Pectus Excavatum. So far so good, I've had about 25 views already, which is alright, I hope to see it expand as I move up in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Page).

For people with Pectus Excavatum be sure to leave comments and suggestions for me on my blog!

I've Started 2D Animation!

To accompany my shirt ventures, I've been researching and practicing 2D animations so I can incorporate them into my YouTube channel.

I've been noticing a bit that my video retention on my YouTube channel isn't so hot. I've made some interesting videos, controversial, and others just random and I always seem to get less than 50% retention more often than not. Of course my videos aren't top quality, I sometimes mumble and I don't feel as confident speaking into a camera, also with my low subscriber base. This all includes the camera quality of my videos, which kind of blows, to put it frankly but I have the power to make it better.

The Why Meme T-Shirt

I'm moving up in the world, lol. So I've decided to open up an account on SpreadShirt so I can design some cool t-shirts. I have this one as a temporary placement for my store (its just a simple impact meme, nothing to it). I call it:

This design basically sums up life, lol. Anyways, I've been looking further into image manipulation and designing Chibi's and Manga T-shirts as sales and exposure being to increase. Not only here for this blog but also my YouTube Channel (Luis Rosales).
I've been using a lot of GIMP for image manipulation, but I recently have gotten my hands on Toon Boom so I can begin some animations, and Manga Designs. I know this why meme t shirt is probably the most simple sad piece you've ever seen, but yeah. I like it... Don't judge me >:D. As time goes on I will be designing a lot more shirts, which you'll be able to find at my general store (Anarcho-Ese) on Spread Shirt.
Anyways thanks for reading, share the love and I'll b…

Coming Out Of The Closet To My Parents

You know you never realize how petty and simple accomplishments can really change a persons life. Especially when its one we've emotionally been stuck on that we've kept from our parents. Where we are too afraid or worried about their opinions so we don't commit.

Coming out of the closet my parents was very similar.

Comcast Xfinity Wifi Internet Down, And Slow Bandwith!

For the past 2 days (and including months before) I've been having some internet troubles, for some reason I had an 'Invalid IP Configuration' warning, which kept my internet limited and not able to connect to the public wifi pass I was using from Xfinity.

I tried to disable and reenable my WiFi device. Rebooted my computer. I even went to the command module and did an 'ipconfig/release' and 'ipconfig/renew'
Nothing really seemed to work but then I contacted Xfinity (Comcast, since I was using their hotspot pass). They walked me through a couple things and tried troubleshooting with me, but nothing seemed to work. So eventually they just offered a refund for my limited connectivity (which included the two days where I didn't have internet), and I said sure. Which today the internet does seem to work fine, maybe they restarted their routers :P, lol. I'll be reconnected again soon, I'm using a free hour pass that they offer, so I know its connecte…

Anarchist and Police

I've always had my oppositions with police, not necessarily on a personal level, but overall. In my view the police force in any nation is completely unjustified. The laws that they enforce, even more so unjustified. I have no problem with someone protecting another person, of course not. I have a problem with someone saving someone else from themselves, if that makes any sense.

Autopilot Life

I've been thinking a lot lately, not necessarily in positive thoughts or negative ones. I feel like my mind is in limbo, trying to figure out whether I should pack up my things and work extremely hard or if I should party hardy, and fuck the bullshit (of course not forgetting my duties). My mind is stuck on pause, as I'm going throughout my day on autopilot pretty much. Engaging in few conversations with friends, and then actually being enthused in others. My only escapes have been me playing piano, and reading, generally watching YouTube videos, and yet I feel discouraged to leave my routine life. Not that I do anything wrong, but I want some excitement, I want some pleasure. 

Obviously working in school provides neither, but maybe I should concentrate on school heavily? Forget the friends, and concentrate on my closest friendships around me and do study group sessions and what not. I'm not entirely sure.
Of course, I'm the kind of guy that likes to go out, enjoy the …

A New Modelling Gig? Whaaa-?

I pretty much have some epic exciting news. A good friend of mine, Anisa Bahiyyih, recently came from China and was thinking about becoming a model, and I pretty much said to 'go for it'. We've been talking about starting up a blog for her modeling, but everything is in the planning phase for right now. I'll be around to help her manage her blog, and work everything out.

Born To Be A Pianist

I've been playing piano, I want to say, since about 8 or 9 years old. My sister one day was playing with her keyboard and I got really curious so I decided to join her, she taught me some basic scales and taught me a little bit about music theory. I soaked it up completely like a sponge and then one day I told my sister, hey look at this! Needless to say she was surprised at how well I played her piano, even 'til this day she is very proud of my piano skills, and I'm very grateful of her teaching me.

Cinco De Mayo The Slurred Holiday

Happy day after star wars day everyone! Even though most people have no idea what this day even means except for Mexicans and people who pretend to know what it means like flip flopping politicians that just want to be "one with the people". Yes, Obama apparently its more than acceptable to talk about American immigration on a day that was based around the Mexican battle of Puebla against French invaders, I mean.... I'm not Mexican...

Six Months of My Hometown

After living for majority of my life near the "happiest place on earth", Disney World, I was feeling quite empty in the Orlando, FL metropolitan. Since I've lost my close relationships, broke years of friendships, and made some bad decisions in where I grew up, I decided to move back to my hometown here in Hartford, CT. Hopefully, looking for a more positive outlook of the future. Little did I know things haven't changed much over here since my early life.

May The 4th Be With You... Meesa Says Kill Jar Jar

Ahh yes, May 4th the celebratory day of Star Wars nerdgasms, cosplayers jizzing all over their light-sabers, and then some. With the upcoming film by J. J. Abrams (I really want to say Jar Jar Abrams)... Star Wars: The Force Awakens will likely spur up some nostalgia within our middle aged mothers and grandmothers as they cosplay princess Leia as we all graciously face palm, and walk away in embarrassment.

Exercises For Pectus Excavatum and Flared Ribs

With all the main issues with Pectus Excavatum we've all had personal issues with flared ribs. A lot of us feel discouraged, or inferior when it comes to it. Perhaps having a great deal of anxiety over our very own appearance. On a side note, I play piano, and my name is Luis Rosales. I too have Pectus Excavatum and know that it has affected me and my social progression within my teen years. If you do not suffer from Pectus Excavatum, then these tips, later on, will probably help you with your endeavors as well!

Please click here to listen to my piano music.

What is Pectus Excavatum?Pectus Excavatum is known as "Funnel Chest" and "Concave Chest" is a breastbone deformity. The breastbone, or sternum, caves into the chest causing respiratory issues. Reported systems generally are fatigue, chest pains, and abnormally faster heart rates. With this comes self-consciousness, social anxiety, and a tad bit of self-pity.

How To Fix Pectus Excavatum? There really aren…

A Renewed Blog

After a fair attempt over at Weebly, things seemed to be getting quite repetitive with having to recreate my page and comments over and over again, there was no template I could save and reuse (I was using the free version of course). I've been blogging for quite a while and things have not really caught on, but soon enough. I have confidence in this blog and will be looking further into Google Domains in a couple years.

Now, welcome to my Personal blog.... for like the 3rd time.